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Best Annuals for the Sun and Shade

It can be difficult to know which annual to plant where but don’t worry, we’re here to help.
Review our handy Annual Flower Key Guide to the right to find the best annuals for the sun, shade and soil conditions for your commercial property.

Not sure if you should add seasonal flower plantings to your commercial property? Read this blog post to learn more.

If you would like to add seasonal flower plantings to your commercial property, contact us for a proposal. 

Annual Flower Planting Guide

Full SunPartial SunFull ShadePartial Shade

Annuals for Full Sun:

Marigolds – FS, D
Marigolds Full Sun Annuals
Cosmos – FS, D
Cosmos Full Sun Annuals
Lantana – FS, D
Lantana Full Sun Annuals
Lobeilia erinus – FS, M
Lobeilia erinus Full Sun Annuals
Celosia – FS, D
Celosia Full Sun Annuals
Vinca – FS, D
Vinca Full Sun Annuals
Petunia – FS, D
Petunia Full Sun Annuals
Salvia – FS, D
Salvia Full Sun Annuals
Superbells – FS, D
Superbells Full Sun Annuals
Purple Heart – FS, D
Purple Heart Full Sun Annuals
Alyssum – FS, M
Alyssum Full Sun Annuals
Dusty Miller – FS, D
Dusty Miller Full Sun Annuals
Cleome – FS, D
Cleome Full Sun Annuals

Annuals for Partial Sun:

Begonias – PS, M
Begonias Partial Sun Annuals
Snap Dragons – PS, M
Snap Dragons Partial Sun Annuals
Ageratum – PS, D
Ageratum Partial Sun Annuals
Sweet Potato Vine – PS, M
Sweet Potato Vine Partial Sun Annuals
Bacopa – PS, M
Bacopa Partial Sun Annuals

Annuals for Full Shade:

Torenia fournieri – FSH, M
Torenia fournieri Full Shade Annuals
Caladium – FSH, M
Caladium Full Shade Annuals
Hypoestes phyllostachya – Polka Dot Plant – FSH, M
Hypoestes phyllostachya (Polka Dot Plant) Full Shade Annuals
Coleus – FSH, M
Coleus Full Shade Annuals

Annuals for Partial Shade:

Pansies – PSH, M
Pansies Partial Shade Annuals
Fuschia – PSH, M
Fuschia Partial Shade Annuals
Impatiens – PSH, M
Impatiens Partial Shade Annuals
Persian Shield – PSH, M, HH
Persian Shield Partial Shade Annuals
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