Take the stress out of snow & ice removal and managing winter weather on your commercial property or with these tips.

In the Mid-Atlantic, typical snow season is November through March. Many snow removal companies provide services in conjunction with an annual commercial landscape maintenance contract. Property managers should be prepared to tie the two together.

When the winter weather rolls in this season, it’s reassuring to know you have the right company covering your property for snow and ice removal.  Sure, there are plenty of companies that can plow the snow, but very few can offer the full range of services needed to handle anything Mother Nature may dish out.

In reality, property managers need a turnkey solution when it comes to snow and ice management. From pre-treatment, plowing, and post-treatment of your sidewalks to the dig outs of specialized areas like mailboxes, parking spaces, and dumpsters. Make sure your contractor has the equipment and resources needed to handle the job.

Here are a few things you should ask about or know about your contract, you don’t want to wait until the snow is falling to answer these questions

  • What your contract covers and what it doesn’t
  • When plowing begins
  • Are sidewalk treatments included
  • How deicing is handled

As a property owner/manager, you are responsible for keeping your property safe and preventing accidental injuries.  In winter, that can pose a challenge with snow, freezing rain, ice, freeze and thaw, etc. all being a daily possibility. After decades of plowing snow, we learned that surviving a Mid-Atlantic winter means lots of upfront planning.

Property Manager Snow & Ice Preparedness

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