Construction Estimator & Salesperson at Complete Landscaping Service

This position is responsible for generating new sales and construction projects for the Landscape Construction Department.

How To Apply:

Minimum Requirements:

      • Two year degree in Landscape Horticulture/Management and 2 years continuous experience in Landscape Construction sales and estimating or 4 years experience in the Landscape industry performing duties similar to those described below.
      • Excellent written and verbal communications skills.
      • Good organizational skills and the ability to self motivate.
      • Working knowledge computers and willingness to expand that knowledge.
      • Good mental health.

Upload Resume: We accept Word Docs and PDF versions only.

Job Responsibilities for a Construction Estimator & Salesperson

Estimating & Bidding of Landscape/Construction jobs as assigned by Complete Landscaping:

      • Thoroughly examine and understand bid documents.
      • Perform accurate and reliable blue print take offs as per plans and specifications in related bid documents.
      • Direct and oversee estimators and assistants within the Estimating Department.
      • Work with Purchasing Agents to develop the most up-to-date pricing to be implemented with individual bids.
      • Work within set guidelines for unit pricing determined by Complete Landscaping management.
      • Prepare bids for review with Complete Landscaping management 24 hours prior to bid date (unless otherwise by approved by management).
      • Produce an accurate, dependable, and completed bid working within the Complete Landscaping bid format and submit by the set deadline.
      • Thoroughly review all contracts awarded independently and with Complete Landscaping upper management prior to the signing of contracts to ensure that contract documents and submitted bid are in line. Note: Only upper management is permitted to sign contracts unless otherwise approved.
      • Transfer all pertinent information (i.e. bonding info, submittals, certified payrolls, etc.) from the Estimating Department to the Production and Purchasing Department via job information packages once the contract is signed.

Develop client base through sales and marketing practices to achieve pre-determined sales goal determined by CLS Upper Management.

Quality Control:  Monitor the quality of work performed by the estimating department to ensure that all of Complete’s standards are achieved or exceeded.

All Safety Issues:  Responsible for all safety rules developed by Complete Landscaping, as stated by law, and in accordance with contract specifications.

Company Handbook:  Review, adhere to, and enforce all standards and policies as set forth in the company handbook.

Any and all other tasks as assigned by the Board of Directors