Hydroseeding Services

Hydroseeding is the process of creating a slurry of mixed seed, fiber mulch, fertilizer and water together and then spraying it onto exposed soil surfaces using a high-pressure hose or gun. This process is often used to establish a new lawn or new vegetative areas where traditional seeding techniques would be less effective or where sod is cost prohibitive. Commercial Hydroseeding Services are commonly used in landscape construction to stabilize large areas of open soil, hold slopes and prevent erosion and runoff during the building process.

Benefits of Hydroseeding

A few of the benefits of using hydroseeding services for your landscape project include:

  • Faster growth than traditional seeding application
  • Seed can be custom blended for unique site conditions (i.e. shade, poor soil conditions, etc.)
  • More cost effective than sod for large areas
  • Seed distribution is more even than when using a broadcast application
  • Greater germination rates than traditional “dry seeding” methods

Hydroseeding Site Stabilization Project

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Complete Landscaping Service hydroseeding services
Complete Landscaping Services Hydroseeding service
Complete Landscaping Hydroseeding Service
hydroseeding service