Business Development Director at Complete Landscaping Service

This position participates in research and outreach efforts of all kinds in order to expand the current client circle, open opportunities for adding additional revenue, and educating current and future clients.

Minimum Requirements:

      • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.
      • Demonstrated ability in written and oral communication in English.
      • Willingness to continue to improve computer, design, and communication skills either in class or in the field.
      • Good organizational skills

Job Responsibilities for a Business Development Director

      • Researching and identifying potential clients in our service area.
      • Creating and managing a consistent outreach plan to consist of cold calls, printed pieces, and emails.
      • Adding new contact information to the client database and any lists being used for outreach and business development.
      • Creating marketing packages to be distributed to potential clients.
      • Creating monthly email communications targeting new clients.
      • Scheduling photo shoots to build the current portfolio.
      • Submitting award and recognition applications to various associations and agencies.
      • Assisting the salespeople in expanding the client base by making sales calls, attending trade shows, association meetings, and pre-bid meetings.
      • Organizing all potential lead information into a database.
      • Generating lead reports from the database at the request of the salesperson or other officers of the company.
      • Maintaining new and renewal sales reports that track proposals on the street and the likelihood to close.
      • Assisting Salespeople with the preparation of bid packages and renewal contracts.
      • Assisting in the annual budgeting process by identifying upcoming events and business development opportunities in our area.
      • Ordering and distributing marketing give-away items.
      • Developing marketing strategies for review by the officers of the company.
      • Updating company information on the website and social media sites regularly.
      • Marketing and reaching out to new recruits through college websites, job fairs, and other recruiting resources.
      • Reviewing and adhering to the standards and policies set forth in the company handbook.
      • Any and all tasks as assigned by the Officers.

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