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Bioretention Systems & Naturalization Planting in Maryland, Virginia & DC

Creating sustainable greenspaces that are nonetheless functional and attractive requires coordinated landscaping and considerable expertise. For large commercial properties in the Metro DC area, partnering with an organization that understands concepts such as bioretention and naturalization is critical.

Complete Landscaping Service works with organizations in a range of industries and on properties of all sizes. We provide a wide range of landscape construction services with an emphasis on environmentally friendly processes, products and results.

What Are Rain Gardens and Bioretention Systems?

Bioretention is the process of using strategically located soil beds to remove pollutants from stormwater runoff. Bioretention systems consist of beds planted with non-invasive vegetation and placed downstream of the runoff source. As water passes through the bed, the plantings’ root systems absorb common pollutants such as suspended solids, metals, hydrocarbons, and bacteria.

Bioretention systems vary in size and composition according to the needs of the property they are located on. Rain gardens are a simple type of bioretention system in which a selection of plants and shrubs is planted in a slight depression on the side of a sloping hill. Whereas a bioretention system is more deliberately engineered, rain gardens take advantage of a landscape’s natural features to remove harmful pollutants from rainwater runoff.

When designed smartly, rain gardens and bioretention systems can filter out certain pollutants with up to 90% efficiency. Rain gardens populated with naturalized plants require little in the way of specialized maintenance and can be counted on for years of performance.

What Is Naturalization Planting?

Naturalization planting is an approach to landscape gardening that stresses the use of carefully chosen native plants. Though many people associate it with an uncultivated look, there’s no reason a naturalized garden can’t also be a well-maintained, meticulously-groomed space. There’s also nothing stopping you from adding water features or other enhancements that will make your property more functional and attractive.

Naturalized green spaces reduce your reliance on fertilizer and other chemical interventions while attracting local wildlife and nurturing native plants, trees and shrubs.

Your Partner for Green Gardening Solutions

Complete Landscaping Service has been an environmental leader for more than 40 years. As an exclusive partner to businesses and nonprofits in the Metro DC area, we can help you add bioretention systems and naturalized plantings to your property. Count on us for project management support, consulting, and ongoing maintenance assistance.

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