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Renovation Pruning in Maryland, Northern Virginia & D.C.

Complete Landscaping Service offers clients in the Metro DC area a variety of trimming, pruning and shrub maintenance options. We specialize in finding solutions that work for your property, your business and your budget. We can provide rejuvenation pruning for overgrown shrubs that require more drastic measures than regular maintenance can offer.

If you have shrubs that are gangly, unattractive or difficult to manage, get in touch with our team to inquire about whether or not renovation pruning is right for you.

What Is Renovation Pruning?

Renovation pruning — also known as rejuvenation pruning — is an extreme intervention intended to restore the health of certain overgrown shrubs and plants. In its most extreme form, it involves cutting the shrub down to a height of between four to 10 inches, where it will regrow stronger, healthier and more vibrant. Alternately, gradual renovation pruning stretches the process out over a period of three years. Each year, one-third of the plant is removed.

Not all shrubs are candidates for rejuvenation pruning. Certain species are more suitable for it than others. You should never prune severely overgrown, woody or unhealthy shrubs. As well, timing is of critical importance — pruning too late in the season can put even the hardiest plants at risk.

What Are the Benefits Pruning?

Renovation pruning is a way of resetting the clock on a plant that has grown old and lost its vibrancy. When a rejuvenated shrub grows back, it will:

  • Be more manageable and easier to keep maintained in the future
  • Be brighter, greener and fresher, with more vibrant buds and stems
  • Pose less of a safety risk than an overgrown plant

The main drawback to rejuvenation pruning is that, while the plant grows back, there will be an empty space in your landscape design. Additionally, rejuvenated plants require extra care as they grow, as they will be more prone to disease and dehydration. Frequent watering and fertilizer application will be necessary.

When Should Shrubs Be Pruned?

Renovation pruning isn’t the right choice for every plant or every property. Knowing when and how to do it requires considerable expertise. Complete Landscaping Service can assess your shrubs and determine if and when rejuvenation pruning is necessary. If it is, we’ll complete the job according to accepted horticultural standards and recommend a maintenance routine that will increase the chances of a healthy, vibrant regrowth.

We have more than 40 years of experience providing commercial renovation pruning services for retailers, parks, government and education facilities, and other properties. We offer free on-site consultations in which we look closely at your shrubs and other plants and put together a comprehensive action plan for getting them into the best shape possible.

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