Houseplants Create Productive Offices.

Millions of workers perform jobs that require them to be at desks or in an office environment 8-10 hours per day.  Some workers may telework while others report to an assigned location to fulfill their responsibilities.  No matter if you work from home or at an outside office location, incorporating houseplants into your office space can make you feel less stressed and more productive  – and that makes for a good day at work any day.

Choosing the Right Houseplants:

Houseplants all have light, water, and food requirements, just like us, and there is a plant that will thrive in every situation.  Before you deck your desk with foliage, consider what you have to offer to your new green officemate.

  • Lighting – Don’t be fooled by the overhead lights your office may have – they are no substitute for sunlight.  Plants need natural light to survive and thrive. Bright but indirect light is perfect for a wide range of indoor plants, but there are plenty of plants that tolerate low light too.
  • Understand Your Space – look at the area you have and choose plants that compliment the space. A sprawling Palm will dwarf or overtake a small office, but an upright Snake Plant or Fiddle Leaf Fig might be just right.  Succulents are great for small spaces as well.
  • Create Visual Interest – using plants of different heights, foliage colors, or growth habits will make your office space look more natural and soothing. And remember that plants don’t just have to go on the floor – spruce up that filing cabinet with a trailing Pothos plant!
  • Remember They Are Alive – plants require water, light, and occasional feeding. Start with easy-to-grow plants and work you way up to more exotic varieties later.

Benefits of Adding Houseplants to Your Home Office:

  • Indoor plants reduce stress and boost creativity
  • Plants can separate your office space from your living space and create definition between work and leisure
  • Houseplants filter harmful toxins and freshen the air
  • Houseplants improve concentration
  • Plants are beneficial to our health

Houseplants provide health and wellness benefits in any office setting.  Adding a small plant to your desk or cubicle can help to lift spirits and personalize your desk space while keeping you more relaxed and creative.  Houseplants can also help to buffer noise in a bustling office and keep you from comingling your personal and professional life by defining a dedicated space for work at home.  Try adding houseplants to your office space and see the changes a little green can make.

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