Commercial Snow Removal in Maryland, Virginia, & DC

Commercial Snow Removal - MD, DC, VA - Complete Landscaping ServiceCommercial snow removal is an absolute necessity in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.  A snowstorm can prevent customers from patronizing your business and make it difficult for your employees to get to work. Then there are the potential liability issues that could you make your business vulnerable to a lawsuit if someone gets injured by slipping and falling on your property’s icy sidewalks, as well as the need to comply with local ordinances regarding timely snow removal.

For all these reasons, it is vital to have access to a reliable snow/ice management solution that can respond quickly when a winter weather event occurs. For many Maryland, DC, and Virginia property owners, this means hiring a professional snow removal contractor that understands the importance of providing prompt service that can meet the organization’s budget constraints.

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“Folks are raving about the Stoney Beach Community boardwalk being shoveled and the overall level of service provided. Thanks again for a job well done.”

Julie Stratton, Community Manager


“We’ve only just started together and jumped right into the frying pan with 12″ of snow. The Complete Landscaping team was great, quickly responding to our requests and needs. I look forward to working together as we improve our HOA”

Terry H.

How It Works

Complete Landscaping Service offers snow removal plans for businesses of any size. We work with everyone from small retail storefronts to shopping plazas, apartment complexes, and government buildings. We can provide one-off service after a major snowfall or ongoing snow removal any time there’s an overnight buildup.

Our team will arrive on time and work quickly to minimize the disruption to your operations. Based in Bowie, Maryland, we are conveniently located to serve commercial properties in Washington, D.C. and throughout the Northern Virginia region.

Benefits of Commercial Snow Removal

When winter weather rolls in, taking steps to protect your property is essential to your business. There are many reasons why regular commercial snow removal should be a priority for your business:

  • You need to remain accessible: If your customers can’t get in the door, there’s no way you can help them. Snow removal ensures there is a clear path in and out of your business. However, it’s important to work with a service provider who does the job well. Many commercial snow removal companies will do the bare minimum, leaving a narrow path that, while technically accessible, can discourage customers from coming in. Complete Landscaping Service will take the time to do the job right, making your storefront or other space welcoming to visitors even in the depth of winter.
  • It’s a necessity for safety: As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that everyone who works on or visits your property can do so safely. Clearing out large snowdrifts and de-icing walkways is essential to preventing slip and fall accidents as well as damage to vehicles and property. A small investment in regular snow removal helps you avoid liability and ensures your staff can stay safe and productive on the job.
  • It prevents damage to your property: Built-up snow and ice can cause premature wear and tear on your asphalt, leading to disruptive, avoidable repairs that cost you time and money. For this reason, clearing away snow is critical for preventative maintenance. Unfortunately, inexperienced removal companies can end up doing more harm than good if they don’t treat your property with respect. Complete Landscaping has the team and the specialty equipment necessary to provide safe and effective snow removal every time you need us.

Each commercial property is different and every business has different snow removal needs. What works for one organization may not work for your neighbors. To learn more about the benefits of our commercial snow removal services or to request a quote for seasonal service, call the Complete Landscaping Service office directly.

Don’t Let Winter Weather Stop Your Business

Ultimately, commercial snow removal is an investment in the future of your business. Like all preventative services, it helps you get the most out of your key assets — in this case, your physical property. It keeps your business looking its best and running smoothly all winter long.

When heavy snow hits the Northern Virginia area, too many businesses simply shut down. But with Complete Landscaping Service, you can stay running smoothly no matter what the weather brings. Both new and existing customers will come to see you as a reliable partner that goes the extra mile to deliver on their promises.

Complete Landscaping Service: A Reputable Commercial Snow Removal Contractor You Can Trust

With over 30 years of experience providing Snow Removal Services for commercial clients in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia, we’ve learned that surviving winter weather means lots of planning.  We start early and work with you to understand your property, your expectation, and your budget.  We select the right equipment and ice melt products in advance to make sure your job is done as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we monitor the storm tracks constantly and communicate throughout the duration of the storm so you know what’s happening – even when you can’t be there.

Commercial Snow Removal DC, MD and VA - Complete Landscaping Service, Commercial Landscape Contractors

Complete Landscaping Services Can Assist With All Your Commercial Snow Removal Needs

Complete Landscaping offers comprehensive commercial snow removal services to apartments, homeowners associations, hospitals, businesses, retail stores and other commercial properties throughout the metro area, including:

  • Extensive fleet of snow removal equipment, including plow trucks, loaders, and salt spreaders
  • Crews to remove snow and ice from sidewalks, paths, and walkways
  • Complete ice melting services to keep walking areas safe
  • Snow relocation services to transport snow and ice away from your property
  • Experienced staff that can respond quickly to your requests in even the most severe weather conditions
  • 24/7 service ensures we will always be there when you need us

Experience the Many Benefits of Our Snow Removal Services

Commercial Snow Removal DC, MD and VA - Complete Landscaping Service, Commercial Landscape ContractorsOur commercial snow removal services will give you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about being unprepared when the winter weather arrives or that a snowstorm could cripple your business operations. Our service can also be a big cost-saver. You won’t have to invest in equipment, pay your maintenance staff overtime wages or pay workers’ compensation claims for employees who are injured during snow removal. Many of our snow clients find outsourcing snow removal is more cost-effective in the long run.

We can also get the job done more quickly than companies that use their own personnel to clear walkways and parking lots. Our crew has extensive experience in commercial snow removal. When combined with our state-of-the-art equipment, we can have your property clear in no time. What’s more, we know how to remove snow without causing damage to sidewalks, parking lots, driveways or landscaping.

*Snow Removal Services are offered to all Complete Landscaping clients under a current Landscape Maintenance or Grounds Maintenance contract.

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