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Immaculate Community Association in Aldie, Virginia

Dulles Farms is an expertly planned multi-community association located in Loudoun County, Virginia consisting of four distinct neighborhoods. Spanning over 450 acres and over 1700 diverse single family homes, the expansive site provides landscaping challenges that go beyond just scale. In order to make these highly desirable neighborhoods the eye catching real estate gem that it is, Complete Landscaping dedicates thousands of man hours year round to make this community shine. Dulles Farms features many outdoor attractions including:

  • 1 Dog Park
  • 10 Playgrounds
  • 26 Ponds
  • 5 miles of walking trails

All of these areas have their own specific needs and requirements to stay up to the clean and precise expectations of its residents. Spring clean-up kicks up the season with lawn mowing and edging, hundreds of yards of fresh mulch, seed spraying, and soil testing for health. When the weather starts to warm, we health check every green space for pruning and pest-control to maximize the lifespan and beauty of every plant.

As with all of the communities we maintain, Dulles Farms comes with our Green Peace of Mind Guarantee.

Complete Landscaping Service representative and community association manager walking a Northern Virginia property together.

Large Scale Spring Prep

In order for Dulles Farms to look pristine as spring begins to blossom, it takes hundreds of man hours to make these neighborhoods dazzle. Community entrances are groomed by our lawn maintenance experts, planting hundreds of colorful flower arrangements for a pleasant first impression. In order to top dress the 450 acre community, we use over FIVE football fields worth of mulch every year to refresh the landscape. We also do yearly soil testing to make sure the ground we plant in is in top shape to maximize the health and longevity of each perennial.


Meticulous Arbor Care

Dulles Farms is home of hundreds of  native tree varieties that are installed by the Complete Team and maintained throughout all four seasons. Our ISA Certified Arborists walk the property multiple times each month to inspect the health of each tree and shrub, and suggest care options if needed. The time and effort our arborists dedicate to these plants lead to more beautiful, healthier trees that in turn lead to costs savings for the community association.


With our Green Peach of Mind warranty, we promise any tree or shrub installed by Complete Landscaping that needs replacement while we maintain the property, we replace it free of charge. This leads to substantive cost-savings for the Dulles Farms community every year. We are able to do this because of our partnership with Patuxent Nursery, where we sustainability source all our plants. We pass down all of our cost-savings directly to our clients.

Erosion: Big Problems and Simple Solutions

One of the biggest issues this community faced was hill erosion. In many areas of the neighborhoods, heavy rains washed away the fertile spring soil causing grasses to grow inadequately and sidewalks to get muddy. This consistent problem caused the neighborhoods to be unpleasant looking and concerning for residents.

In comes the Complete Landscaping team. We stepped in with a multi-year hill restoration plan that involved bringing in new soil to restructure the hills. We then applied a product called Pourlog to help with drainage and stability. To top off the p[project,  we designated “no-mow zones” to improve the natural drainage of the environment. Not only did this improve erosion in the rainy months, but created new, sustainable plant meadows that became more appealing to the residents and overall saved money for the Dulles Farms Association long-term.


Roger Turner, Business Development Manager

MY EXPERIENCE Roger Turner is a seasoned Business Development Manager with nearly 30 years of experience in the landscaping industry. Having started in lawn maintenance in 1995, he has risen through every role within the business. Currently overseeing prestigious residential clients such as Ashburn Village HOA, Victory Lakes, and Dulles Farms in Sterling, VA, Roger is dedicated to ensuring that every investment in beautifying properties yields long-term dividends. His passion for creativity and innovation drives him to think outside the box, transforming ordinary spaces into breathtaking landscapes. With a reputation for dedication, integrity, and unwavering work ethic, Roger is a trusted partner for clients seeking to enhance the beauty and value of their properties, promising excellence in every project he undertakes.

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