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Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Maryland, Northern Virginia, & DC

Beautifully landscaped commercial properties don’t just happen.  It’s a good bet there is a professional Landscape Maintenance provider working behind the scenes to keep everything in order.

What is Commercial Landscape Maintenance?

Commercial Landscape Maintenance is the term for the package of services needed to properly care for exterior grounds on a commercial property.  If you own or manage an apartment community, HOA, urgent care facility, office building, retail outlet, or other property, you likely have grounds that need to be managed.  Services can range from basic mowing, trimming, and weeding to full scale turf programs, ornamental care, and seasonal color installation. Each property will have its own requirements for services and proposals and contracts should be crafted around those needs.

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Customized Commercial Landscape Maintenance Programs

Commercial Maintenance - Complete Landscaping Service MD, DC, VA

Before you even select us as your landscape partner, one of our experts visits your site for a consultation.  Our goal is to see the original design intent for your property and develop our recommendations on how to emphasize it.  Since every commercial property is unique, it means that every landscape maintenance program must be as well. Maybe your property has heavily used green spaces that require a detailed turf care program.  Or perhaps you have invested a lot of money in ornamental shrubs and trees and you want to maintain their health with a solid IPM program.  Whatever the need, everything we do is tailored to the specific character of your property. 

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Benefits of Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Landscaping is a significant investment for any commercial property owner.  A well planned Commercial Landscape Maintenance program is one way to make sure that your landscape retains its’ value.  Proper care of your landscape is the equivalent of proper care of your home or vehicle.   

But landscape maintenance is about more than just making sure that all of the plantings and lawns stay alive.  Landscaping is an asset and must be carefully managed. We want your grounds to add value to your property.   

Even if you manage or own a property that doesn’t have a lot of green space, you still need landscaping services.  Why? Exterior grounds are a large part of any commercial property’s impression on the public. Landscaping is one of the very first things a prospective renter or visitor sees.  When it is not properly cared for, it can give say that your company does not value its clients or their safety.

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Is Landscape Maintenance Expensive?

Commercial Maintenance - Complete Landscaping Service MD, DC, VACommercial Landscape Maintenance contract prices are influenced by a few things – 

  1. What type of services do you want to have performed? 
  2. How big is your property?
  3. How often do you want to be serviced?

The main thing driving price is what services need to be done.  There can be large gaps in pricing between contracts for properties requiring basic serivces and contracts for properties requiring full-service programs.  As services such as ornamental care, lawn care, flowers, or irrigation get added into the services offerings, the costs begin to increase.

Once the list of services needed is determined, the size of the property comes into play.  It takes more people and equipment to service a property with 1 acre of grounds than it does to service a property with 10 acres of grounds.

Lastly, the number of times the property needs to be visited can cause costs to rise.  When commercial properties take into consideration weather conditions in their areas, they can typically reduce the overall number of visits needed to keep their property looking good.  When companies mandate a flat number of visits, it can cause costs to increase significantly.

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Why Trust Our Team?

Some of the best Commercial Landscaping companies service the DC Metropolitan area.  So what makes Complete Landscaping Service different? 

  • We Are…Experience.  Our team has decades of experience serving Maryland, Northern VA, and DC – 40 of them to be exact.  Our track record is long when it comes to exceeding expectations and delivering value to our customers. 
  • We Are…Value. Services should be performed because they are needed or because they add value to the landscaping.  When services don’t add value or are not needed to keep the landscape looking it’s best, we will tell you how to get more return for those same landscape dollars.
  • We Are…Commercial. Our focus remains exclusively on the Commercial client base in Maryland, Northern VA, and DC.  We are accustomed to working with real estate professionals and have the resources to manage one property or an entire portfolio.
  • We Are…Green. It’s even our tagline.  “Providing Green Peace of Mind” drives everything we do.  From recycling yard waste to saving our clients money, we don’t cut corners to provide great service.
  • We Are…Full Service. There’s more to caring for the landscape than just mowing the grass.  Snow removal in winter. We do it. Irrigation needs in summer. Call us. Seasonal color changes in spring and fall.  Check and check. No matter the season, we are there to handle all of your landscaping needs.

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Our Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services Include:

Apartment Community Portfolio-Watergate Pointe-Complete Landscaping Service

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Are you interested in seeing what partnering with one of the region’s best full-service landscape providers can do for your property?  See for yourself why we’re the leading Commercial Landscaping Maintenance provider in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, and DC.  Complete Landscaping Service specializes in high-quality commercial landscaping maintenance and grounds management services for all types of businesses in the Maryland, DC Metro, and Northern Virginia regions. Contact us today for your free quote!

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