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Need to Boost Your Curb Appeal? Check Out the Types of Properties We Service!

Hiring a professional landscaping company to care for your commercial property helps your business make a favorable first impression, enabling you to attract and retain customers. A well-maintained landscape can also increase the market value of your property.  Some studies even indicate that creating a more “natural” work environment can have a calming effect on workers and contribute to increased productivity.


We Offer Premium Landscaping for Commercial Properties in Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia

At Complete Landscaping Service, we take great pride in our ability to provide superior landscaping services for commercial properties of all types throughout the Washington, D.C. Metro area: 

  • HOA/Condos/Apartments If you’re not drawing enough tenants to your condo or apartment complex, an unattractive or improperly maintained landscape could be a contributing factor.  Our professional landscaping maintenance services keep the grounds looking beautiful throughout the year and also comply with applicable HOA and county regulations.
  • Commercial BuildingsOur landscaping services for commercial buildings can help you “reinvent” the appearance of your property, which can give you an edge in the highly competitive D.C. business market. If you’re constructing a new commercial building, we can offer comprehensive landscape design services that will provide the appropriate balance between natural beauty and man-made amenities.
  • Office BuildingsImage is everything in the business world. By bringing your office building’s landscape to the forefront, we will help you project a professional property presentation that will draw more business tenants to your structure. You’ll have fewer concerns about empty office space or dissatisfied clients.
  • Retail Buildings We can help you make the most of the limited space for landscaping that is often the case at retail establishments. We’ll create a stunning visual presentation that prospective shoppers can’t help but notice as they pass by your store. We can also install landscape lighting that will enhance your store’s nighttime curb appeal. 
  • Health InstitutionsHospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations can use our landscaping services for maintaining the exterior grounds, as well as for creating a tranquil environment that can aid the patient healing process. We can also provide prompt, reliable snow and ice removal services to ensure your facility remains accessible throughout the winter. 
  • Municipalities – Maintaining the landscaping throughout a municipality can be a daunting challenge. We have the equipment, resources and personnel to handle everything from moving and pest management to weed control and snow removal. We can also provide valuable guidance during the landscape planning stages. 
  • Education Institutions – The appearance of an educational campus is one of the first things that prospective students — and their parents — notice during a visit. Our landscaping services can allow you to put your best foot forward and help you meet your enrollment objectives. 
  • Government – Government buildings must project an “official” image. Our many years of experience working in the Washington, D.C. area gives us valuable insight regarding the unique landscaping needs of all types of government institutions. 
  • Religious Institutions – We’ll provide the special care churches and chapels require to maintain a peaceful, dignified landscape. We’ll implement our time-tested seasonal flower techniques to produce the ideal color combinations for your property all year long. 

Commercial Property Landscaping Service in Washington, D.C. and Beyond 

We’re pleased to offer our landscaping services for these commercial property types in Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia. You’ll also benefit from our Green Peace of Mind Pledge, which exemplifies the commitment to customer satisfaction that has been the hallmark of our company since 1979.

Contact the commercial landscaping pros at Complete Landscaping Service to learn more about our services and to receive a free quote today.

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