We are living in an interesting time where the two largest generations including boomers and millennials are seeking convenience and on-site amenities when shopping for the place they call home. So the question becomes how property managers create an atmosphere that will attract and retain two of the largest population segments of our time?  

Beyond access and convenience, boomers are looking to optimize the quality of life, not just simplify. In recent years, science has determined that the gift of longevity is largely driven by lifestyle, not solely by genetics.  Living in a community with a younger cohort has been proven to enhance the quality of life. As more and more empty nesters hit the restart button on their newly redefined life, the trend to flock to properties that offer access to entertainment, transport, and amenities will continue.  The industry just needs to be prepared to meet the demand with a product that suits their social and physical needs.

A study conducted by Zipcar reported that 55% of urban boomers surveyed felt their lives were more exciting and carefree when compared to peers in a non-urban environment, 42% reported they had attended a local community event and 23% reported taking on a new hobby.

Drawing by: Mary Banning

Similarly, the ideal homestead for millennials is a mixture of suburbia and the city. They want walking and/or public transportation access to shopping, entertainment, well-kept parks, jogging trails, and green spaces. In fact, a survey by SunTrust Mortgage sited that 66% of home buying decisions by this generation were influenced by what was best for their pets, so we’re talking dog parks to attract a large portion of this cohort.

Both boomers and millennials seek purpose and want to live in an environment where they can be socially connected, physically active, financially secure, and engaged in the community. Property managers can create an environment that satisfies each of these needs by incorporating well-planned amenities and green spaces as part of the properties master plan.

Budgeting for and completing enhancements each year guarantees that the overall quality and value of your property will continue to climb and increases the potential to attract new residents.  There are several types of landscape enhancements that will improve the appearance of your commercial property from removing overgrown or declining plants that can detract from the property’s aesthetics to adding amenity spaces or features that keep your property competitive in an ever-changing real estate market.  The ultimate goal is to improve the overall appearance of the property, thereby increasing the resident, visitor, or client experience.

Commercial landscape enhancements don’t always require a formal design or the services of a landscape architect.  Experienced commercial landscaping companies have staff that can make professional and budget-friendly recommendations for property improvements.  Anything from new or additional plantingsseasonal color or container ideaslarge-scale planters,  and adding site furnishings can change the appearance of your commercial property can be done quickly and without the added hefty design fee.

Demands are changing as boomers and millennials take center stage in the global economy. If you want to remain competitive, your landscape and amenities need to evolve to meet the demand and Complete Landscaping Service can help you get there. Contact us for a free estimate on your next property enhancement.