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Best Spring Flowering Shrubs

The first sign of spring has always been the bright colors of the season’s earliest flowering shrubs.  The vibrant colors of spring lure people outside and represent an awakening from the hibernation of winter.  Incorporating spring flowering shrubs into landscape designs at commercial properties has a guaranteed impact because visitors and potential clients are drawn to lively and visually attractive properties.  These are some of our favorite early spring performers.  Using these in any landscape will help to increase the appeal of any retail, commercial, or residential property.

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Our Favorite Spring Flowering Shrubs

best spring flowering shrubs for commercial properties | complete landscaping service - md, dc, va

Bloom-a-thon Azaleas – everyone is probably familiar with the traditional Azalea, but these are like Azaleas on steroids.  These shrubs are evergreen, like the traditional varieties, and they flower in early spring, BUT what kicks these plants up a notch is that they will also flower in summer.  Flowers last as long as 6 weeks in spring and even longer in fall – up to 12 weeks!

best flowering shrubs for commercial properties | complete landscaping service - md, dc, va

Dwarf Fothergilla – also known as Bottle Brush, this shrub flowers early in spring and has fluffy white fragrant flowers.  This is also a multi season shrub because the fall color is a striking medley of reds, oranges, and yellows, and stands out against any background.  Fothergilla is a low maintenance shrub and thrives in sun or partial sun.

best flowering shrubs for commercial properties | complete landscaping service - md, dc, va

Korean Spice Viburnum – there are a lot of varieties of Viburnum out there, but none are quite as stunning as Korean Spice.  Clusters of flowers start out pink then open to bright white in early spring and the scent is sweet and spicy.  Fall color is red or orange and quite vibrant.  The easy growing shrub should be used where the fragrance can be appreciated.

best spring flowering shrubs | complete landscaping service - md, dc, va

Japanese Pieris – this plant is often overlooked, but it really brings a lot to the table.  A great flowering shrubs for a shady location, the white flowers hang in luxurious drooping clusters and the foliage ranges from bright red to variegated to green.  Pieris is a dense evergreen and is known to be deer tolerant.

best flowering shrubs for commercial properties | complete landscaping service - md, dc, va

Ninebark – this deciduous shrub is covered in clusters of white flowers in spring.  Newer varieties have colorful foliage throughout spring, summer, and fall, and all varieties have exfoliating bark that provides winter interest.  Ninebark is fast growing and adaptable to various site conditions.  It is also virtually disease free.

Why Use Spring Flowering Shrubs in Commercial Landscapes

Landscaping is one of the first things potential clients and visitors see.  How that landscape is maintained and designed conveys a company’s personality and values.  Spring landscapes that are full of color are attractive, inviting and feel vibrant and alive. Because flowering shrubs are a cost effective way to add seasonal color and increase property values, they should be part of any long term landscape design plan.  Spring flowering shrubs dot the landscape with color but can also be used to define outdoor spaces, create borders or barriers, and conceal unsightly views.

If you’re ready to set yourself apart from the competition by adding some early spring color to your landscape,  Complete Landscaping Service’s design team is ready to help.  We provide premier landscape design services to commercial properties throughout Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia, so contact us today to increase your property’s visibility and value.

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