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Long-Term Master Planning

A lawn or garden isn’t a static space — it’s a living ecosystem that evolves over time. For this reason, landscaping shouldn’t be a one-time job. It should be an ongoing process, and one that accommodates and encourages future growth and change.

A long-term master plan is a guiding document that treats your lawn, gardens, hardscaping, lighting and other elements as part of an evolving whole. It can serve many purposes, including identifying the improvements that are needed now and examining the role they will play in the ongoing development of the space.

Master planning isn’t necessary for every job, but it’s one of the best ways to think about the big-picture impact of the changes and additions you make today. At Complete Landscaping Service, we recommend working with our experts to develop a master plan before taking on any major renovation or build.

Master Plan Elements and Development

A master plan typically begins with a feasibility study assessing potential development options for the site and their financial, environmental and functional implications. A separate strategic framework provides additional context for these implications. This includes its historical usage as well as basic information collected during the surveying process, such as the property’s dimensions and topography.

The master plan itself should address several different factors, including:

  • Aesthetics: How will the proposed changes to the site fit in with the rest of the property? What is the broader long-term creative goal for the project?
  • Usage: Who is using the space, and for what? How will this change? What types of users do you want to attract in the future?
  • Biodiversity: How will the project foster biodiversity? How will it create more sustainable ecosystems that require minimal ongoing interventions?
  • Water use: What will the irrigation demands of the space be? How will it promote proper drainage and bioretention?

Ultimately, the master plan should be as holistic as possible, looking at all aspects of the site and, more importantly, how they interconnect.

Benefits of Long-Term Master Planning

Long-term master planning has several aims and benefits. It can:

  • Establish a long-term vision for a property and provide a roadmap for realizing it
  • Align the practical, environmental, economic and social aspects of a project
  • Create a more predictable budget, not just for the immediate work but for the ongoing maintenance of the space as well
  • Communicate big-picture objectives to stakeholders such as funders, clients, partners and tenants

Developing an effective master plan requires considerable expertise, which is where Complete Landscaping Service comes in. We have more than 40 years of experience in commercial landscape design and master planning. We can help you establish a bold, forward-thinking vision for your space. To get started, contact our office to book a free consultation today.

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