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Arbor Care & Tree Removal in Maryland, Virginia & D.C.

Healthy trees bring a sense of stateliness and security to commercial properties, but they require ongoing specialized care that many facilities can’t perform on their own. Complete Landscaping Service offers a range of arbor care and tree removal services for businesses throughout the Metro DC area. We provide the expertise and the experience necessary to keep your trees healthy and we can safely remove or relocate any trees that aren’t thriving on your property.

We specialize in dedicated, eco-friendly services for businesses of any size. Our clients include government agencies, apartment complexes, and homeowners’ associations, parks and other facilities, as well as smaller commercial properties. Contact our office to learn more.

What Is Arbor Care?

Arbor care refers to everything necessary to keep a tree healthy — from selecting the right species to plant on your property to ongoing trimming and maintenance. As our name suggests, Complete Landscaping Service offers complete arbor care solutions for businesses and nonprofits. We can provide:

  • Planning and planting: Complete Landscaping Service can identify and source trees for your property. We know the DC area and its climate better than anyone and can recommend the best species for your needs. We can also assist with planting, ensuring that all work is done to the highest horticultural standards.
  • Pruning and trimming: Regular pruning ensures that trees have the resources they need to thrive. It involves clearing away dead or dying branches that limit sun exposure or pose a safety hazard to people and plants below. It also helps maintain a clean look that adds to your curb appeal.
  • Annual maintenance: While most healthy trees require little ongoing attention beyond occasional pruning, they can benefit from regular inspections as part of a spring clean-up or other seasonal service. This gives our technicians a chance to look for signs of disease or other issues that require more serious interventions.

Tree Removal & Replanting

Removal or replanting may be necessary if a tree isn’t healthy or if it grows too big for its current location. Safely removing or replanting a tree requires specialized equipment and expertise. Working with a professional will help reduce the risk of an accident and, if possible, preserve the life of the tree.

Complete Landscaping Service can remove or replant trees of any size. Whatever the task involves, we’ll get the job done with a minimal amount of disruption to your business.

Choose Complete Landscaping for Commercial Arbor Care Services

Trees are an investment in a beautiful property. At Complete Landscaping Service, we understand the importance of making both ongoing arbor care and emergency interventions convenient and cost-effective. We work exclusively with commercial properties — and for more than 40 years, we’ve been building a reputation for professionalism and expertise in all aspects of landscaping and general property maintenance.

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