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Pond, Fountain and Water Feature Service

If your property contains ponds, fountains, or water features, you know how important it is to have a partner you can trust to take care of them. Water features make an elegant addition to a lawn or garden — one that can help your business stand apart from the competition. But they can quickly fall into disrepair if they’re not maintained.

Complete Landscaping Service is a longstanding provider of the commercial pool, fountain, and water feature service. We have more than 40 years of experience keeping large properties looking their best, meaning you can count on us for everything from seasonal maintenance to emergency repairs.

Water Fountain Maintenance

Winterization and spring setups are essential parts of the water fountain and feature maintenance. During the winter months, ice can accumulate and damage a fountain’s pump and lines. Winterization involves draining your fountain and removing all delicate components. In the spring, this process is reversed. Spring setup also gives our technicians a chance to check for damage and suggest repairs that can extend the life of your fountain.

Most water fountains and features require only minor ongoing maintenance outside of spring setup and winterization. Our team can provide periodic cleaning and checkups for larger or more complex installations, clearing away any debris and topping off water levels as necessary. Typically, we perform these services as part of a broader program of irrigation system maintenance.

Pond Service

Ponds are somewhat more complex features that require specialized care. Our technicians can perform regular water quality testing to establish a baseline that allows us to chart the health of your pond over time. This can prevent algae blooms and other unsightly issues. We can also take care of regular cleaning, aeration, and other services necessary to maintain a healthy pond year-round.

Emergency Repairs

If something goes wrong with your pond or water feature, it’s critical to address the issue quickly. Ignoring the problem can turn a minor repair into something more expensive and difficult to remediate. As a commercial service provider, Complete Landscaping Service has the resources to respond to any request with on-site attention from a team of qualified professionals. We can assist with broken fountains, pond infestations, and other problems.

Rather than just correcting the issue, we’ll suggest improvements that keep it from coming back. This is especially critical for pond maintenance, which often requires a combination of biological, mechanical, chemical, and cultural controls to maintain stability and overall health.

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We are proud to work exclusively with commercial customers, including golf courses, university campuses, corporate offices, and other facilities where fountains, features, and ponds are present.

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