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Commercial Mowing, Edging, and Weeding in Alexandria

Complete Landscaping offers comprehensive commercial lawn care services in Alexandria, VA, tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial property managers like you. Our team specializes in crafting and maintaining immaculate lawns that captivate and impress. From mowing maintenance and precise edging to customized fertilization and proactive weed control, our experts are dedicated to precision commercial lawn care here in Alexandria. By entrusting your lawn care to our experts, you can create a welcoming environment that leaves a lasting positive impression on clients, customers, and employees. We understand the importance of your property’s image and value. Let Complete Landscaping be your partner in creating vibrant and captivating outdoor spaces that speak volumes about your commitment to growth.

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Our Commercial Lawn Care and Mowing Services

Maintain Your Property’s Exterior Appearance and Function

Our commercial lawn care and mowing services help maintain the visual aesthetic of your Alexandria property.

Lawn Mowing
Maintain grass height, promoting healthy growth and a neat appearance.

Create clean and defined borders for a polished look.

Weed Control
Identify and manage weed growth in areas of turf.

Apply balanced and targeted fertilizers to provide essential nutrients.

Loosen soil to improve air, water, and nutrient movement.

Irrigation Management
Ensure efficient and adequate watering to promote turf health.


Work With Complete Landscaping

Alexandria’s Leading Commercial Lawn Care Provider

Enhance the visual appeal and value of your commercial property in Alexandria with our professional lawn care services. Our team knows how to maintain well-manicured lawns and healthy turf to create inviting outdoor spaces at your business—as well as promote their ongoing health and continuing growth throughout the seasons in Virginia. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain the lawn at your commercial property with our comprehensive turf care and mowing services.

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