Holiday Decor-Keeping Live Greens Beautiful

Holiday decor makes its appearance earlier and earlier each year.  Options can range from LED lights that “dance” to the latest holiday music to various shapes and sizes of inflatables to a multitude of colored artificial trees.  There are endless ways for commercial property owners and managers to celebrate the season and show their holiday spirit.  But as a landscaper, I can’t help but gravitate back to more traditional options like live trees, fresh cut wreaths, swags, and greens, and Poinsettias.  After all, some of my best holiday memories are invoked by the smell of pine.  Many commercial properties also choose this style of decor, but how do you keep it fresh and beautiful up to and beyond the holidays?

Fresh Cut Trees

Christmas trees for commercial holiday decorFresh cut trees are one of many traditional holiday decor items.  Caring for them and making sure they last all the way through the holiday season is easier than it sounds.  If you want your fresh cut tree to last until Christmas and beyond, here are some important steps to follow:

    • Make sure you use a stand that has adequate water holding capacity.  The National Christmas Tree Association recommends using a stand that can hold one quart of water per inch of trunk diameter.
    • Remove at least 1/2″  from the bottom of the trunk to allow the tree to absorb water
    • Once the tree is set in the stand, fill the stand with water and make sure the base of the trunk is submerged.  The water level should never go below the base of the tree, so replenish water daily or as often as needed.
    • Keep the tree away from heat vents, fireplaces, or windows that receive direct sun.
    • Do not use strands of lights with frayed wires and that do not produce a lot of heat.  Mini lights and LED lights are good options.
    • Always turn off lights when the tree is unattended.

Garland and Wreaths

Garlands and wreaths make an office festiveUsing live greenery outdoors can make holiday displays look even more festive.  The key is buying the freshest greenery you can.  Wreaths should be a vibrant green color and garlands and roping should be pliable, not brittle.  When selecting locations outdoors, remember direct sunlight and windy locations will dry your decorations out faster than areas that may be protected or shaded.  If temperatures are warmer than average, this can also affect the longevity of the greenery.  Greens can be sprayed before installation with anti-desiccant which reduces the amount of moisture that is lost through the needles.  You can also mist the greens with plain water a few times a week to make sure that they have enough moisture to last the whole season.


Holiday Decor at Complete Landscaping means poinsettias

Unlike fresh cut trees or garlands and wreaths, Poinsettias love full sunlight and warm temperatures.  They are actually considered a tropical plant so the more sun, the better.  They are usually sold already potted and ready to set out anywhere you may want some indoor holiday cheer.  Keep Poinsettias away from drafty windows and doors and make sure that the indoor temperature doesn’t drop below 60 and they will be right at home.  And don’t forget to keep them watered.  If they dry out, they will wilt and lose their festive appearance.  Water only when the soil surface is dry to the touch, and don’t let them sit in water.

Holiday decor brings cheer to residents, employees, and visitors alike.  And now you can see that you can start early AND keep your fresh greens looking great all that way up to when the season comes to an end.  If you need suggestions for the best holiday decor options for your commercial property, call us today.