If you are looking for a way to dress up your landscape that doesn’t cost a fortune, doesn’t require a whole new design, and isn’t super high maintenance – perennials are just the thing.  Perennials are durable and diverse plants that can provide four seasons of color to any landscape – new or mature.

What Makes Perennials a Powerful Addition to the Landscape?


Perennials work in so many different situations and they just go and go and go.  They are like the Energizer Bunny of the landscape.  Shade or blistering sun…drought tolerant or soggy soil lovers…stocky and colorful or tall and wispy…there is a perennial that will fill the bill.  But perennials are more than just pretty – they really provide long term cost savings while dressing up the landscape.

The Secret to a Perfect Perennial Display

The most talked about landscapes have clean lines and incorporate combinations of plants that define spaces, and create visual interest.  And while there could be several elements that make the landscape memorable – a specimen Japanese Maple, a bright border of multi colored Azaleas, a lush carpet of pristine turf – it could be, just maybe, the seasonal waves of color and brightness that only mass groupings of perennials can bring to the mix.  See, that’s the secret to using perennials. Individual perennial plants aren’t substantial enough to make a statement on their own, but when they are used in the landscape in large groupings they can really catch the eye of passersby.


Benefits of Planting Perennials

  • They come back on their own to fill the landscape with color, texture, and fragrance
  • Lower maintenance and more durable than annual plants
  • Variations of flower and leaf color are endless
  • Foliage provides much needed homes to beneficial insects. (Yes, there are beneficial insects ladies and gentlemen – ladybugs, bees, lacewings, and a host of others that keep the bad insects at bay.)
  • Deep root systems help to prevent erosion

If you think perennials might be just what the doctor ordered to spruce up your landscape, give us a call and one of our design professionals can show you how adding perennial color now can increase your curb appeal and give provide benefits for years to come.

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