As winter comes to an end in the Northeast, the trees are budding, the flowers are beginning to bloom, the grass is regaining its luscious green color and property owners are gearing up for spring landscaping. Your landscaping plan may begin with identifying issues that arose during the winter season like fallen branches, salt damage and ice buildup. You may also be designing and installing a new landscape or maintaining your existing one.

Whatever your starting point might be, addressing your landscaping needs and developing a plan for your commercial property will ensure your design is well maintained throughout the year.

Spring Landscaping

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Landscape Company

The first step to obtaining a healthy and sustainable landscape is to identify the best plants for your region’s climate. Expertise in landscaping for your climate and planting hardiness zone is one of the many reasons why property owners, developers and managers invest in professional landscaping.

In addition, professional landscapers have the knowledge to prevent problems, saving you money in the long run. Landscaping professionals can also help keep pests from nesting in grass and shrubs, causing damage to your landscape. Skilled landscapers have the training to keep invasive plants and insects from invading a property as well.

Budgeting for the proper landscaping care is a smart financial decision. Preventing a lawn care emergency reduces unexpected costs and impact on your annual budget.

Look and Style


The Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

A commercial landscaping project can increase the value of your property, attract potential customers and positively impact the overall look of your business.

When considering outsourcing landscaping services, here are a few benefits of a healthy landscape to keep in mind:

  • Reduces noise and air pollution: Grass acts as a natural filter for the environment by trapping dust and pollutants and producing oxygen. Lawns also significantly reduce noise pollution. The National Association of Landscape Professionals found lawns and plants reduce noise levels by 20 percent to 30 percent over hard surfaces like concrete and pavement.
  • Attracts clients: Commercial properties with clean or attractive landscaping benefit clients and shoppers. One study by the University of Washington’s Center for Urban Forestry found that commercial offices with high-quality landscapes have seven percent higher rental rates. The study also found that shoppers prefer well-landscaped spaces, too, and will spend nine to 12 percent more for goods and services in those areas. Trees can provide shade and create an inviting atmosphere for clients and customers, often encouraging them to stay longer.
  • Emphasizes your brand: Your landscape can be utilized to promote your brand. The different colorful plants, shrubs and trees you choose can be reflective of your company’s look and style. Landscape elements can be used to convey a specific image, creating a positive first impression. The general theme of your landscape is an important factor in planning your commercial landscaping project. A landscaping company understands seasonal colors and the best color combinations to make your property stand out.
  • Saves energy and money: The way you design your landscape can greatly impact your property. By planting trees, you can conserve energy with shade during the summer months and block high winds and snow during the winter months. Low shrubs can also trap snow before it blows next to your building.
  • Maintains safety: If you have larger trees or hardscaped and paved areas — like walkways, driveways and parking lots — a landscaping team can regularly trim dead branches or spot issues, such as a tree that’s rotted from the inside and could pose a falling hazard, before they become a larger problem. The same is true for any uneven grounds, which can be fixed if spotted before it becomes something more serious, like a trip or fall. A landscaping professional who is familiar with your property can and should notice any potential concerns and bring them to your attention with suggestions on how to handle.


Enhance Your Property With Professional Landscaping

Whether you are thinking about installing plants, hardscapes, furnishings, irrigation or accent lighting, a commercial landscaper can create innovative ways to enhance your space. Below are a few ideas to get your landscaping project started:

  • Flower displays: Flowers can have a big impact on your landscape. They can keep a property looking vibrant and colorful. Annuals are relatively inexpensive and look great all season. Some popular annuals include petunias, zinnia, vinca and snapdragons.
  • Stone retaining wall: Garden retaining walls can be both aesthetic and purposeful. Retaining walls can elevate living spaces and gardens above the ground. They also provide improved drainage for flowers, keeping soil in place and allowing water to soak into the soil.
  • Groundcovers: There are a variety of groundcovers available to fit in your environment. Groundcovers are typically low maintenance, can fill in empty spaces and often act as an alternative to grass.
  • Perennial garden: The term perennial commonly means hardy herbaceous ornamental plant. Perennials are plants that thrive during the spring and summer, die during the winter and then re-emerge the following spring. These flowers have an underground storage structure that protects them during harsh winters.
  • Evergreen shrubs: Evergreen shrubs can provide privacy while protecting against harsh winter winds. They are long-lived and low maintenance.
  • Raised planter beds: Raised planter beds are built above ground level to hold a variety of different plants, flowers and shrubs. A key benefit of raised planter beds is improved drainage, making it easier for the soil to increase in temperature. Warmer soil will help with early spring planting. A variety of materials can be used to build a planter bed and give it a custom look and design.
  • Irrigation: Proper irrigation will keep your property looking top notch all season long. The amount of watering needed varies by flower and foliage. Having a good irrigation as well as drainage system in place, combined with an understanding of the landscape’s water maintenance, will help prolong plant lifetimes.
  • Lighting: LED lighting can brighten a pathway or pedestrian crossing, keeping the property safer at nighttime. Energy-efficient LED fixtures come in an assortment of sizes shapes to accent your landscape design.
  • Mulch: Mulch complements plants and flowers and also helps to keep soil temperatures regulated around landscaped plants.
  • Compost: All of the trimmings and natural debris from regular landscape care could even mean including a compost system into your landscape design or a dedicated facility on your property. Composting creates natural fertilizer, which can benefit the plants and trees you select for your property.

If you are unsure of how to begin your landscaping project, a landscape design team can work with you to develop a master plan.

Tree Care

Why Outsourcing Your Grounds Maintenance Is a Smart Investment

A commercial landscaping project may seem like a big undertaking, but there is no need to feel overwhelmed. Outsourcing landscaping services can save you money as well as time. A professional landscaping company is equipped to handle any unexpected issues and provide expert advice to prevent problems from arising in the future.

Full-service landscaping companies have the staff and equipment to maintain your landscape on a consistent basis. Landscapes are constantly evolving — trees and shrubs continually grow, areas of sun turn to shade and regional issues, like pests and temperature swings, all affect a property’s landscape. Keeping up with your landscape and protecting your initial investment requires a routine maintenance schedule.

Many landscaping professionals offer a maintenance contract for routine care. Properly maintaining your landscape will help you budget for future improvements to the design as well.

Outsourcing your landscaping services has more than a few advantages. Below are the top ten ways investing in a full-service landscaping company can help improve the overall appearance of your property while saving you money:

  1. Full-service landscaping companies offer multiple services. Many landscape companies provide a wide variety of services. Before you hire multiple contractors to assist with the job, check with your landscape professional. They may be able to provide what you need, preventing additional costs you may acquire when starting a new project with another contractor.
  2. Commercial landscaping companies can help with landscape design. A full-service landscaping company can help you develop a customized plan that fits your needs. Your plan may include lining a driveway with trees and shrubs or surrounding a fountain with flower beds. The design can complement a building’s architecture, accentuating an entrance. A commercial landscaper will be able to provide conceptual drawings to ensure the design works well with the layout of the property.
  3. Commercial irrigation systems can reduce water costs. By utilizing a commercial irrigation system, landscapers can target specific trees, grass and gardens, conserving water and reducing your organization’s utility bills. Rain sensors can also be installed to maximize efficiency.
  4. Regular tree maintenance keeps your property safe. A full-service landscaper can provide ongoing tree care, reducing the risk of damage to a person or property from fallen limbs. Keeping your trees healthy means your trees are better able to withstand high winds and storms which can prevent an expensive emergency tree service call.
  5. Regular lawn maintenance promotes healthy grass. Properly maintaining a commercial landscape can help you avoid additional costs to revive or replant dying plants. Professional landscapers have the knowledge and experience to determine the best fertilizer for the property’s type of grass and soil to keep plants looking healthy all season long. Regularly treating for weeds will ensure the healthy grass is receiving all the water and nourishment it requires, too.
  6. Commercial hardscaping enhances a property. Hardscaping can include pavers, patios, outdoor fireplaces, water features and many other decorative and functional elements. Landscape professionals have the technical skills required to plan and execute a hardscaping project built to last. A professional also has access to a variety of materials and the proper equipment to build these functional, special features.
  7. Landscape companies have access to contractor pricing. Landscape companies buy large amounts of supplies like mulch, plants and fertilizer. Vendors generally provide landscaping companies with discounts for purchasing in bulk, saving both the landscape company and commercial property money. Landscapers also often have access to plants and flowers that are not available in your local nursery.
  8. Commercial landscapers provide expertise. Professional landscapers can offer cost saving solutions for your landscaping budget and help you plan for the future. An average life cycle of your landscape plants and trees is approximately 10 years, factoring in disease, storm damage and other components. A pro can provide a timeline and cost for replacing plants that can help you plan for the long term, which will be more cost-effective than addressing problems as they arise throughout the season.
  9. Professional landscaping increases property value. Investing in a full-service professional landscaper can increase your property’s value in the long run. A well-maintained landscape conveys care of the property. Landscaping experts can help you develop a plan for your landscape to flourish and grow for many years.
  10. Professionals are equipped to handle unexpected issues. Professional landscapers have experience working on large-scale landscaping projects and planning for any concerns that could arise during the project. If an issue occurs, a team of professionals can determine the most cost-effective way to keep the project moving forward. An experienced, full-service landscape company also knows how to optimally plan for scheduling, material deliveries and equipment needs.


Businesses can better understand their property’s needs and care when working with landscaping experts. A customized landscaping plan can help maximize the environmental benefits of a property as well. Property owners can have peace of mind knowing a plan is in place to protect their landscaping investment.

A quality landscape represents a professional establishment. Survey your property and determine if your landscape is portraying your company’s brand or message. Our team of landscaping experts at Complete Landscape Service can help you achieve your landscaping goals. We can assess your property and provide a customized ground management program that enhances your landscape and stays within budget.

Complete Landscaping Service is a locally operated and family-owned grounds management and commercial landscaping maintenance company located in Maryland. We have helped a variety of businesses in Maryland, the D.C. Metro area and Northern Virginia maintain beautiful landscapes. Start planning your spring landscaping projects. Contact us today for a free quote!