Why Irrigation is Important for Your Commercial Property - Complete Landscaping Service

Your lawn is a reflection of your property. It should be inviting – like a green carpet you want to take your shoes off and run through on a hot summer’s day.  Irrigation of your commercial property keeps your landscape vibrant year-round.

Installing a watering system ensures that your lawn is green, healthy, and beautiful. Irrigation systems are the most efficient way to acquire the hydration needs without overwatering…or watering sidewalks.

Deep Watering & Water Conservation

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Did you know that your property’s turf and landscapes will survive with less frequent, deep watering? The sprinkler system stays on a little longer providing your plants deep watering.  This helps roots move downward resulting in longer-lasting, healthier, happier plants. While conserving water with less frequent watering you will also save money, while benefiting your plants. Remember that established lawns require far less frequent watering than fresh turf or freshly seeded areas.

Why Irrigation is Important for Your Commercial Property

Driplines are recommended for landscape beds, planters and containers. Delivering water directly to the plant’s roots is another way to conserve water. A specialized drip irrigation system directs water to each plants’ rootball, as opposed to sprinkling the entire area. As a result, surrounding weed seeds cannot germinate which will leave you with less weeds and a well-manicured landscape for longer. Watering the roots also helps in preventing leaf diseases. Without water striking the leaves or flowers you can avoid blight diseases from occurring and spreading.

More Efficient Watering for Your Commercial Property

Why Irrigation is Important for Your Commercial Property - Complete Landscaping Service

Watering systems are more efficient than any other form of watering and are directed exactly where they are needed. You can rest assured that your turf will be getting watered properly and you can say goodbye to the brown spots and watering the sidewalks. These systems provide the balance and consistency that hoses and a sprinkler can’t. With the automated irrigation system there is no need to have an employee spending time watering when they could be attending to other needs.

Best Times to Use Your Irrigation Systems

Having your irrigation system set to go off in the early morning hours before sunrise or after sunset will benefit your plants by receiving water at these times due to less wind. This allows a chance for water to percolate down to the roots before being dried up by the blazing hot sun. It’s also helpful as these times are typically not heavily trafficked by residents and customers.

Why Irrigation is Important for Your Commercial Property - Complete Landscaping Service

Here are some helpful tips on how to tell if your property is getting too much or not enough watering.

Over Watering Signs:

Lawn remains soggy
Need for increased mowing
Blades wilt and feel limp

Under Watering Signs:

Grass does not spring back when stepped on
Soil is dry
Slower Blade Growth

NOTE: Overwatering can also lead to rotting in areas that are not receiving direct sunlight. A fungal disease called root rot that starts at the root system which causes a lawn to turn yellow and brown may also occur. There is also Brown Patch Lawn Disease which is a turf fungus that creates brown circles in the lawn.

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  1. Sharon Wilson-Smith Reply

    I like that you pointed out that your lawn should have an inviting look because it’s the reflection of your property. My uncle has a commercial property that has a spacious lawn. He’s planning to sell his property because he needs fund to support his retirement and medical needs. This is the reason why he wanted to make sure that his property will have an appealing look. When I checked it last week, there are dry grasses and withering plants all over the area, so I will ask him to install an irrigation system.

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