Chapter 4: Property Enhancing Features

Now that we know a little bit about what curb appeal is, why it’s important and how it works, it’s time to talk about some nitty-gritty details. What are some specific features that can enhance your property’s value and curb appeal?

How to Enhance Curb Appeal?

The first and simplest answer is to make your outdoor space look friendly and approachable. Keep the grass trimmed, the sidewalks clear of debris and the parking lot free from potholes.

This isn’t the only way you can work on enhancing your curb appeal and property value. There are also unique features you can add to your property that aren’t essential but can do wonders to boost your property’s appeal to potential customers and clients. These features create emotional bonds that help tie renters to your property, making them more likely to return and rent from you again.

1. Benefits of Community Parks and Playgrounds

It depends on what type of property you own, of course, but adding a playground or park can entice more interest in your property.


If you own an apartment complex, for example, this can be a great feature to add. It will help attract families with young children by providing them with places to gather and socialize. This, in turn, will build your property a reputation as a family-friendly and safe location. It may even help convince others to come and live at your complex.

Parks are an excellent natural gathering place where your renters can meet with one another and socialize. Kids can make friends and parents can get to know one another while the children play. This creates an organic community feel that makes renters more invested in living at your property and more likely to renew their leases for years to come.

2. Benefits of Outdoor Social Gathering Spaces

People like their outdoor space. Whether this is shared or private space, people like to have access to the outdoors. This applies to many different types of properties. If you own office building, realize people like space outside to take walks on their lunch break, or even stretch their legs and socialize while they take a quick breather from a stressful project.

If you have an apartment complex, this is doubly important. People with pets want places to walk the dog. Parents want their kids to have outdoor space to run around in. Even adults want spaces to eat outside when the weather is warm.

By providing these types of outdoor spaces, you’re making your property exponentially more welcoming and appealing. You’re also helping to create a sense of community in your residents and clients by giving them space to socialize with one another, making them more likely to want to continue using your space.

3. Benefits of Fitness and Outdoor Activity Areas

People love having a fitness center on site. This is an enormous mark in your favor and may be the factor that tips the scales in your favor if potential renters are choosing between your space and a competing property.

The benefit of having a tennis court or climbing wall onsite is residents or workers will be able to use it without ever leaving the property. This is enormously convenient and is something your renters will likely enjoy.

Curb Appeal Affects Value

All this talk of curb appeal and other unique features that can be added onto a piece of property aren’t meaningless chatter. They have very real effects on your property and its marketability. The better your building looks from the outside, the more people will be willing to visit it or rent it.

These first impressions visitors form when they first see your property from the outside matter. Don’t sit back and leave these impressions to chance. Step up and take control of them, guaranteeing a good first impression.

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