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Commercial Drainage and Erosion Control Solutions in Maryland, Virginia & DC

Commercial Drainage and Erosion Control Solutions in Maryland, Virginia & DC

Finding solutions for drainage and soil erosion problems is a critical priority on many commercial properties. Failing to address these issues early on can lead to consequences ranging from plant root rot to structural damage to your property and potential safety hazards.

Diagnosing and repairing drainage and erosion issues is a complex task that takes training and intuition. Working with an inexperienced landscaper can lead to a lengthy and costly process of trial and error. Avoid this by calling Complete Landscaping Service first. We have been in business for more than 40 years and have extensive experience solving complex problems on commercial properties of any size.

Commercial Drainage Solutions

Soil drainage issues can be identified by the presence of moss or other invasive species in a lawn or garden, poor root or leaf health, or certain physical characteristics of the soil itself. These issues can range from minor to severe. The scope of the problem will determine the type of intervention required.

Potential solutions for drainage issues include:

  • Changing the composition of the soil
  • Relocating plantings to higher ground
  • Changing the land itself by adding extra soil
  • Adding a pond or physical intervention such as a French drain

The first step in creating an effective action plan is a consultation with one of Complete Landscaping Service’s experts. We’ll test your soil to see if drainage is the root of the problem. If it is, we’ll then recommend the best way to correct it. We can take care of any necessary work quickly and professionally to ensure a minimal amount of disruption to your business.

Soil Erosion Solutions

Common signs of soil erosion on commercial properties include barren patches of lawn, exposed rocks, and exposed plant roots. Several factors contribute to erosion, including poor drainage, excessive rain and wind, lack of vegetation, and the physical characteristics of the land itself. Likewise, strategies for remediating erosion can include a combination of biological, physical, and chemical interventions.

Persistent soil erosion problems can lead to compaction and loss of topsoil, high acidity levels, increased pollution, and other challenges to a healthy lawn or garden. For this reason, regular maintenance and service are critical.

Commercial Landscape Construction Services

Addressing soil erosion and drainage problems is one component of our commercial landscape construction and maintenance services. We can work with clients of any size, from storefronts with minimal green space to large parks, education complexes, and other facilities. We will tailor our service according to the needs of your property, as well as your budget and your internal capacity to handle ongoing lawn and garden maintenance.

Call for assistance at the first sign of a drainage problem or other issue with your soil. We can also consult and provide project management support at the start of a new build.

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