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Grass & Reinforced Turf Paver Installation in Maryland, Virginia & DC

Grass pavers are a functional addition to commercial properties that promote a healthier lawn and garden while expanding your landscaping design possibilities. As a full-service partner to businesses and nonprofits throughout the Metro DC area, Complete Landscaping Service can assist with grass and reinforced turf paver installation on commercial yards of any size.

We can provide project management and design support, suggesting creative ways to add grass pavers to your exterior and overseeing the installation process to minimize disruption to your business.

What Are Grass Pavers?

Grass pavers, or reinforced turf pavers, are high-strength, semi-open blocks that, when installed on a lawn, create a load-bearing grass surface. This allows property owners to add parking, driveways, and walking paths that are secure and environmentally friendly, and don’t disrupt their natural green spaces.

Most grass pavers are sold as modular grid systems to allow for projects of varying sizes and shapes. Installing a grass paver typically involves preparing the lawn, laying down the pavers, and covering them with a layer of topsoil. The pavers prevent compaction and ensure proper drainage even when subjected to heavy loads for extended periods of time.

What Are the Benefits of Grass Pavers?

Commerical reinforced turf pavers allow businesses to create hidden driveways and paths that look great and last for years to come. They are environmentally friendly, too. In fact, by preventing erosion, they make your lawn and all plants in it healthier and more vibrant. They’re also easy to maintain. Other than regular checks to ensure they are draining properly, turf pavers can be treated the same as any other part of the lawn.

If you’re considering using a turf paver system to turn your lawn into a versatile, multifunctional area, we can recommend the best products and provide comprehensive assistance with installation and design. We have completed similar projects for businesses throughout the Metro DC area.

Turf Paver Installation From Complete Landscaping Service

We work with a variety of suppliers to source durable turf pavers that will provide years of reliability with minimal service. We can install a grass paver system on its own, or as part of a larger renovation of your exterior space, making sure all elements work together to make your property more functional and attractive.

Check out our landscape construction portfolio to see some of the work we’ve done for local retailers, government offices, apartment complexes, and other commercial properties. Ready to request a quote? We’ll provide a detailed, accurate estimate that outlines all work involved and its associated costs.

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