What is Dormant Pruning?

Dormant pruning is the process of performing routine maintenance pruning on trees and shrubs at a time when they are not actively growing.  Elevating low hanging branches, removing damaged or broken limbs, and creating space between structures and the landscaping can all be done during late Fall and Winter.   Routine pruning practices can be used, but plants can also withstand more dramatic pruning at this time of so it’s also a good time to address shrubs that are growing into walks and paths or that are growing above windows creating a safety concern.

Why Dormant Prune?

Pruning when the landscape is dormant offers many advantages to commercial property owners and managers.  Dormant pruning reinvigorates the overall health of the plants while giving the property a clean, manicured look at a time when the landscaping often looks dull.

  • During winter, the structure of the plants is more readily visible.  Crossed branches and diseased or weak limbs can easily be removed before they become a hazard in spring.
  • Winter pruning results in minimal sap loss which ultimately puts less stress on the tree.
  • The spread of disease is greatly reduced since most diseases and insects are also dormant and will not actively infect plants through the open pruning wounds like they might during spring.
  • Dormant pruning results in a flush of new growth in spring.  New foliage has plenty of time to harden off before the harsh temperatures of summer set in.
  • Tree canopy cleaning can be done efficiently during winter which will result create more sunlight penetration to turf and understory plantings.

Do you have trees with weak or broken branches?  How about shrubs that are growing over windows or into walkways?  Now is the right time to get those jobs knocked out.

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