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A lot of the success of a commercial real estate building depends on first appearances.  No matter how great the services you offer are, it’s entirely possible that people will never notice your community or commercial building if it doesn’t look as great as one of your competitors.  To persuade people to stop by, your building needs to look top-notch and your landscaping should look flawless.  Because lawn areas of commercial properties are typically large and highly visible, a commercial turf care program is a great place to start.

What Are Turf Care Programs?

Turf care programs are custom plans comprised of services that ensure the health and vigor of your lawn is maintained at a high level of quality.  Turf care starts with a proper mowing plan, but it doesn’t stop there.  Lawns need food to thrive year after year so comprehensive turf care programs will manage the nutrient content of the soil through pH monitoring and seasonally applied fertilizers.  Great lawns also have minimal weed content so incorporating properly timed weed control into a program is essential.  Other services like aeration and overseeding help to increase of maintain turf density – another characteristic of a quality lawn.  Turf also requires water so even managing your irrigation system can become a key part of a fully customized turf care program.

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The Benefits of Choosing a Commercial Turf Care Program

Turf care programs are comprehensive and site specific.  What works for one property may not work for another.  Having a turf care program that addresses the needs of each commercial property individually .

1. Economic Benefits

At first, this might sound contradictory. After all, if you have to pay for a turf care program, how does this result in economic benefits for you? It ties back to the idea of curb appeal, although it goes beyond this, as well.

When you present yourself as an established, well-kept and organized business, people are more likely to visit you, give you their business, recommend you to a friend and keep coming back. In short, it pays to look great on the outside.

It also costs more to fix a neglected lawn than it does to maintain it properly year after year.  Skimping on lawn care can result in a rapid decline in turf health and density creating a need for extensive lawn restoration.

2. Landscape Health Benefits

A beautiful landscape is also a healthy one.  A commercial turf care program offers services that help to monitor and maintain the soil health which ultimately effects how the lawn looks.

3. Aesthetic Benefits

Turf care programs result in immense aesthetic benefits.  Properly managed lawn care means great looking lawns spaces.  Green lawns attract new people to your property and current employees and customers outside.  Having a customized lawn care program in place means that you can promise your customers, clients, and employees that they will have healthy and safe green spaces to enjoy.

4. Property Value Benefits

Why choose commercial turf care? If for no other reason, this benefit alone makes professional lawn care worth your time and money — property that looks great is worth more.  The simple fact is that people are willing to pay more for a fantastic space. Lawn care is just one additional way to make your property the best it can be.


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