When trying to attract new residents, businesses or customers to your residential apartment complex or shopping center, curb appeal is something that should be top of mind. Many people think of it in regards to residential homes, as in, “oh that house is nice” from the street view. But property managers of commercial properties or apartment complexes should care as well.

What Is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is what potential customers and clients see when they approach your business or complex, or your first impression. The better your curb appeal, the better initial impression people will have your business, shopping center or complex. Especially for shopping centers or other businesses, this can make a huge difference in how potential clients view you.

Step outside. See how your property looks from the perspective of a new client or resident.

How to Increase Your Curb Appeal

There are a few things that hiring a commercial landscape company can do to increase your curb appeal from a landscaping perspective.

Enhance Your Signage

People don’t go to businesses they can’t see or if they don’t know what stores are there in a shopping center. Planting beautiful, seasonal flowers to add a pop of color and adding landscaped lighting ensuring your signage is visible and well lit day or night are easy ways to enhance your signage. This is applicable to residential properties as well – if your apartment complex is poorly labeled or signed, people may not be able to find it or get lost. Having beautiful signage that is visible, clean and well lit is a key aspect of any curb appeal landscape plan.

Trim Your Trees

Keeping trees and shrubs neat and trimmed so they don’t overtake landscape is important to any landscape plan. However, making sure trees and shrubs don’t prevent your business from being seen is crucial. Using a commercial landscape company to maintain your trees and shrubs and will keep your site looking fresh, and prevent an overgrown or worn out look.

Utilize Color

Adding pops of color throughout your property – whether from beautiful planters or landscaped flower beds – adding pops of color throughout your property can keep your curb appeal looking fresh and up to date. Color can be added in along walkways with planters, parking lot islands, around the signage and near entrances through seasonal flowers. Keep them well maintained and pruned to prevent them from affecting any signage or visibility.

Clean Up The Landscape

Though not landscaping related, repaving your parking lot, repainting parking lines or repainting the store front are great ways to refresh curb appeal for a business or property. Also, ensuring that trash is picked up regularly goes a long way towards keeping your property fresh and appealing for visitors and potential customers or clients.

At Complete Landscaping Service, we maintain and enhance commercial landscapes around the greater Washington, DC metro area. We can help you plan and install a beautiful landscape design for your business that will attract clients or residents to your property. Contact us today to get started!