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Commercial real estate owners and property managers know that professionally designed and maintained landscaping adds significant value to properties. They see the positive effect that commercial landscaping has on business value. More than any other improvement, excellent landscaping provides a tremendous return on your investment. It also assists in securing you steady streams of income, adds value to appraisal and provides you with long-term investment protection.

Well-maintained commercial properties with proper landscaping immediately give the impression of care. Landscaping’s effect on property value starts right from the curb. Its appeal creates a feeling of quality and a sense of wanting to belong to the property. This impression is created by you as the owner and enjoyed by the tenants. Good landscaping is a win-win for both parties.

It’s a win for property owners for good reasons. Exteriors of commercial properties are highly visible to the public, not just to the occupants. An attractive and well presented outside presence automatically suggests an equally impressive interior. Properly landscaped properties invite higher visits and more traffic, whether your property is a commercial business or a home for rent.

Potential residential or commercial retail tenants are far more likely to sign stable, long-term leases with property owners who care for their buildings. Positioning a building is a basic principle of commercial property management. Good landscaping and proper maintenance are highly important factors for positioning every building in its marketplace. Buildings that look nice will retain occupants, reduce turnover and are much easier to fill when a vacancy occurs.

Communities hold buildings and complexes with proper landscaping in higher esteem within than developments that practice poor design and shoddy upkeep. The perception within the entire community is important in establishing market value. Top-notch landscaping boosts property value and helps to retain it. It’s another win for you, the owner.

Tenants also win when the properties they’re renting are professionally landscaped and regularly maintained with care. This increases their sense of pride and belonging to occupy a place where they feel welcome inviting customers and friends through lush, green grounds with interesting features. Tenants will reflect the same care and attention shown outside by valuing their lease and caring for their inside. They’ll get a return on their investment as well.

Commercial Landscaping Return on Investment

The increased value associated with properties with professional landscape designs and quality landscape maintenance plans are more than a perception. It’s a reality.

How Landscaping Can Boost Your Property Value - Complete Landscaping Service

Numerous studies have proven that when owners spend money wisely on commercial landscapes, the returns are greater than the initial investment. One report from the University of Washington shows that commercial spaces with high-quality landscaping bring in 7% greater rental revenue. Customers also are willing to pay 12% more in establishments where landscaping is done professionally.

Another study by the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscaping Association determined that professional landscaping increased commercial property resale amounts by up to 14%. They also found sales time increased by as much as six weeks compared to poorly presented buildings with unkempt facades and grounds. This report drilled deeper into specific landscape investments and found that curb appeal through enhanced boulevards and visible patios had the highest return on investment.

A third study by the National Association of Home Builders identified a favorable return on investment resulting from strategically designed commercial landscaping. In it, the NABH found that buyers and tenants appreciated lower utility costs that resulted from smartly placed elements being worked into the landscaping. They gave an example where hedges and trees properly placed around windows provided natural insulation that reduced heating and air conditioning expenses.

These studies clearly indicate that professional landscaping designs that are carefully maintained boost property values. Investment in plantings and hardscapes provide a great return. In fact, funds spent on initial landscaping while a project is in development brings back more than expended in increasing market value and continuous revenue. The same applies to investment in remaking existing landscaping and giving it a quality curb appeal.

Commercial Landscape Plantings and Hardscapes

You’ll often hear commercial landscaping referred to in terms of plantings and hardscapes. They’re two divisions of professional design and maintenance. Each is equally important, and they have a combined effect on how a property is presented to tenants when well done. That’s important for curb appeal and boosting your property’s value. Both elements of landscaping are important for improving the likelihood that your property is rented. Great landscapes entice renters to lease and to stay.

Hardscapes are categorized as fixed, non-living landscape components. Some examples of hardscapes include patios, decks and retaining walls, as well as driveways, parking areas and walkways. Plantings, or softscapes as they’re also called, are your living elements. Trees, grass, shrubs, flowers and vines are plantings that make up the softscape portions of your landscape design.

It’s vital to pay detailed attention to blending hardscapes and plantings. They need to work in conjunction with each other. Professional designers use contrast as an effective device. Contrast lets an individual component stand out yet brings supporting elements in around it. The key lies in using the right materials that work well with seasonal changes, with the building concept and with the particular location.

How Landscaping Can Boost Your Property Value - Complete Landscaping Service

Planning details also include ongoing maintenance being built into the design. Maintenance is a critical factor in keeping your property’s curb appeal looking nice and inviting. Materials chosen for plantings and hardscapes should be as low maintenance as possible, but they have to work into the overall style.

For example, if you’re in the historic northeast of the country you might want to present a colonial theme that reflects a historic neighborhood. Here, you might use white painted fences with deciduous trees in a backdrop. Alternatively, you might be after a Southwest appearance and incorporate drought-resistant plantings and use adobe-style hardscapes.

The trick is to make everything blend and to choose materials in your design that provide a return on investment. You want to avoid installing plants and hard supports that don’t match, are too difficult to maintain and have no aesthetic or financial gain. This is where a professional landscape design company that also specializes in commercial landscaping maintenance can be valuable.

Commercial landscape designers know what materials will boost your property’s value. They choose materials that work with the local area and with the project’s theme. Professional landscapers design with maintenance in mind as well. They make sure your grounds are always in their top performance and keep your upkeep costs as low as possible.

Best Returns in Hardscapes

Hardscapes are the landscaping components that people touch and feel. Hardscapes provide visual appeal, just like plantings, but they also serve practical purposes. They retain slopes, divide property lines and even act as signage to attract visitors and revenue sources.

  • Signs

One of the first things people see when they pass or arrive at your complex is your sign. Signs are every bit as much a part of your landscape design as your plants and hardscapes. How your signs appear speaks loudly as they introduce tenants or customers to your property. Signs need to work with your theme and your brand.

Professionally designed and constructed signs can be your best return on hardscape investment. Signs must stand out prominently and do their job while also quietly fading into the surroundings. Good signs incorporate a tasteful degree of colors and scripts that are easily read. Poor signs do the opposite and can have a detrimental effect on your investment.

  • Retaining Walls

Retention can have a dramatic effect on your landscape appearance. Retaining walls are not just attractive investments. They serve a valuable purpose, too. There’s a vast assortment of slope retaining materials available. Some provide a utilitarian look that can be used for a cosmetic advantage. Cast-in-place concrete can be expensive, but its strength is unequaled. Wood walls are low-cost but high-maintenance.

Arguably, the best return on your investment for retention hardscapes are concrete block walls. They come in a wide variety of face designs and colors. They’re virtually maintenance-free and can be installed with minimal equipment and labor. Block walls can be curved, stacked and sloped. They can also be shaped into planting beds and formed into benches.

  • Fences

Fences serve as an excellent backdrop for your landscape design. They mark off your complex boundaries and provide security against trespassers. They add value for your tenants who appreciate their safety and security being considered while enjoying the good looks of a well thought-out fence.

Weather-resistant woods like cedar are still a popular fence choice. Wood fences are easy to build and are relatively low-cost, but they do have maintenance issues. Concrete and composite fence panels are costly, but are becoming more popular. Their long-term return on investment might be worthwhile.

  • Parking Lots

Asphalt pavement is by far the leading choice for parking lots. Your lot is a major investment and a critical part of your entire landscape picture. Make sure it appears fresh, and the lines are clearly painted. Asphalt resurfacing treatments are inexpensive and provide a high return. If your lot is looking old and tired, resurfacing it will be worth the investment.

How Landscaping Can Boost Your Property Value - Complete Landscaping Service

  • Walkways

Walkways are another major piece in your landscape plan. Walk design and surface treatments need to be interesting and inviting. You’ll get a great return by spending the time and funds in building a walk that leads tenants to the front door with a pleasing first impression. Walking trails are another good hardscape feature and should lead a tenant or visitor from one feature to another.

  • Patios and Decks

Decks and patios are mainstays in your hardscape design. The location, features and materials are endless when it comes to building patios and decks. They can be either raised or build on ground level. Sitting spaces should include quality benches and table so occupants can intermingle in common areas and build lasting relationships. That’s another return on investment, as bonded tenants are lasting tenants.

  • Water Features

It’s worth noting water features. Ponds, pools, streams and fountains are controversial components in landscape design. There’s no doubt that water features are popular with people, but they come at a cost. Water workings are expensive and require considerable maintenance. Although the sound of running water is soothing and reduces traffic noise, water also invites insects and unwanted wildlife.

Discuss whether water features are a worthwhile investment with your professional landscape consultant. They’ll have the experience to know if it’s a good investment in your case to boost property value. You might be better off spending those funds on proven assets like plantings.

Best Returns in Plantings

Dollar-for-dollar, plantings have an excellent return on investment. The right plantings in the right place will boost your property value immensely. Without plants, your property would be bare and stark. But add plants, and it comes alive with sights and smells that everyone appreciates. That includes paying tenants and potential ones.

How Landscaping Can Boost Property Value - Complete Landscaping Service

Plantings are divided into three groups. The first is primary plants that anchor your landscape design. That includes lawns and large trees. Shrubs, hedges and perennial plants comprise the second bunch. They’re smaller and portable if need be. Your third planting group is annual or seasonal flowers. They add a splash of eye-catching color and revolve with the seasons.

Lawns and large trees are an expensive outlay, but they’re permanent fixtures and impractical to replace. It’s worth carefully designing and placing the proper large plantings into areas that will serve your building for years to come. As they’re expensive outlays, it’s worth getting professional advice in initial concept as well as calculating their long-term maintenance needs.

Perennial plants such as hedges and shrubs are not as expensive as lawns or trees, but they require careful consideration if they’re to complement the rest of your hardscape and softscape decisions. You can purchase these smaller landscape pieces on an ongoing basis. That gives you time to determine if they’re a worthwhile investment or something that’s not a necessity.

Annual plants are inexpensive in the big picture, but they return far more visual impact than their cost. Annuals are perfect for placement in containers. Planters along walkways have a wonderful effect on impressions. So do hanging baskets and window boxes. The hidden beauty in using annuals as a landscape feature is they can be switched out every season and replaced each year.

Invest in Professional Landscape Design and Maintenance

The best way that landscaping can boost your property’s value is by doing it properly from the beginning. The best looking commercial landscapes and the ones that are the easiest to maintain are the ones designed by professionals. They know how to work with your project to get the maximum return on your investment.

Professional landscapers who specialize in commercial properties have the knowledge and experience to create a stunning use of hardscapes and plantings that perform outstandingly for years to come with minimal maintenance. Your initial investment will be rewarded by happy, long-term tenants and will make you a respected member of your surrounding community. Your property will demand a maximum value, and it’ll move quickly when it’s time to sell.

The professionals at Complete Landscaping Service are here to work with you in designing a low maintenance landscape plan that pays off. Contact us today for a quote on our landscape design and commercial landscaping maintenance services.

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