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The Healing Power of the Landscaping at Hospitals

The Healing Power of the Landscaping at Hospitals

Healing gardens are an essential part of landscaping for any healthcare facility. The outdoors does wonders for our body, mind, and spirit. Hospital landscaping has the potential to elevate your commercial property...
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winter pots that wow

Winter Pots that Warm Up Your Commercial Landscape!

Using winter pots throughout your commercial landscape can add curb appeal when other landscaping is dormant. Since many flowers won't thrive when it's snowing or below freezing, winter pots are a...
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4 tips for snow and ice management

4 Snow and Ice Management Tips for Your Commercial Property

In the Mid-Atlantic, typical snow season is November through March. Many snow removal companies provide services in conjunction with an annual commercial landscape maintenance contract. Property managers should be prepared to tie...
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Best winter plants for commercial landscapes blog

Best Winter Plants for Your Commercial Landscape

Color draws attention.  If you manage a commercial property, you know how effective adding colorful plants can be in attracting visitors, impressing onlookers, and boosting your property's overall appeal. Some consider winter as...
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Spotted Lanternfly

What is Spotted Lanternfly?

Spotted lanternfly could be mistaken for a beautiful and delicate moth.  The bright red accent on the wings and the cute polka dots make it look harmless.  Quite the opposite is the...
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reduce landscape maintenance costs

How to Reduce Annual Commercial Landscape Maintenance Costs

Reducing costs is on everyone's mind - especially business professionals.  Finding ways to reduce operating costs without compromising quality might feel like an overwhelming challenge...
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