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Houseplants create productive offices

Houseplants Create Productive Offices

Millions of workers perform jobs that require them to be at desks or in an office environment 8-10 hours per day.  Some workers may telework while others report to an assigned location...
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Summer Lawn Care - Complete Landscaping - MD, DC, VA

Summer Lawn Care Tips for Commercial Properties

Summer lawns tend to see a lot of action. People venture outside for sporting events, social gatherings, concerts, and a whole host of other activities. As a property owner or...
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Two-in-One Landscape Design: Where Features Meet Function

Landscape Architects and Designers plan landscapes. Working with property owners, they create the objectives to accomplish and define problems that need to be solved. Commercial property owners and managers have...
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outdoor amenity courtyard

On The Brighter Side: The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

The main purpose of landscape lighting is, quite literally, to illuminate the landscape and all of its features. Landscape lighting is strategically placed low-voltage fixtures within the landscape to illuminate very...
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enhancing properties with contemporary containers

Contemporary Planters Enhance Commercial Properties

Modern planters are a great way to add additional visual interest and functionality to commercial properties. Whether it is inside the building or in locations throughout the exterior, containers help to...
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Symphony Village

Commercial Properties Need Turf Care Programs

A lot of the success of a commercial real estate building depends on first appearances.  No matter how great the services you offer are, it’s entirely possible that people will never notice...
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