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Commercial Landscaping Blogs

Bioretention Basin

Bioretention Management: What It Is & Why It Matters

Storm Water Management has become a topic of concern as farmland and wooded parcels are turned into communities, retail centers, hospitals, and other planned developments. The surface water that was once filtered...
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Perennials - Practically Perfect Plants to Liven Up Your Landscape

How Landscape Amenities Attract and Keep Tenants

Landscape Amenities = More Renters As a commercial property owner or manager, maximizing your income and tenant retention is the highest priority and landscape amenities are one way to insure that happens...
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dog park

Should You Add a Dog Park to Your Apartment Complex?

Do you own a rental community or apartment complex? If so, you’re probably constantly trying to think of ways to improve it and make it more attractive and appealing to potential renters...
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accent lighting

Tips for Finding Green Accent Lighting

When you’re building a commercial business or maintaining a commercial property, you want to do everything you can to boost appeal, draw customers, build accountability and become the successful company or source...
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money from tree

Save Money With a Full-Service Landscaping Company

As winter comes to an end in the Northeast, the trees are budding, the flowers are beginning to bloom, the grass is regaining its luscious green color and property owners are gearing...
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Tips for Maintaining Playgrounds on Your Commercial Property

Having a playground on an apartment complex or other commercial property can make that facility much more appealing to families with children. But property owners often worry about the cost of maintaining...
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