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When to Prune Plants - A Handy Guide

When to Prune Plants – A Handy Guide

Pruning is more technical than just getting out some pruners or a saw and hacking away at the trees or shrubs throughout your property. There are different types of tools and...
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Landscaping Goals - Complete Landscaping Service

Setting Goals for Your Landscape – What You Need to Ask

It may not feel like it, but spring will be here before you know it. What do you want your landscape to look like this year? What do you want...
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Improve Your Business's Curb Appeal - Commercial Landscape Maintenance | MD, DC, VA | Complete Landscaping Service

How to Improve Your Business’ Curb Appeal

Your business’ curb appeal sends a vital message to customers. Current and potential customers form an opinion about your business based on how it appears from outside. That may be a conscious...
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What to Do With Your Landscape When Winter Doesn't Come - Complete Landscaping Service

What to Do With Your Landscape When Winter Doesn’t Come

As I sit in my office this morning, listening to the steady hum of leaf blowers and looking a the bright sunshine that is slowly rising into the sky, I find myself...
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benefits of leaf removal and recycling

Benefits of Leaf Removal and Recycling

When the leaves begin to change, we know it’s the start of a new season. While we love fall for all of the cool-weather coziness it brings, it does mean our lawns...
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Prevent Slip and Falls on Your Commercial Property - Complete Landscaping

How to Prevent Slip & Falls At Your Property This Winter

As a property owner/manager, you are responsible for keeping your property safe and preventing accidental injuries.  In winter, that can pose a challenge with snow, freezing rain, ice, freeze and thaw, etc...
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