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What Do You Need to Consider with Data Center Landscaping?

In recent years, Northern Virginia has become the epicenter of data centers in the United States. Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William counties in particular are home to over 300 data center sites that have risen in the past decade. These structures have been built for cost-efficiency with most older buildings lacking in unique architecture that have become a bit of an eyesore. Not only are these buildings lacking in beauty, but they have their own unique infrastructure that requires special landscaping designs to complement the buildings’ operations. Here’s our “must-have” landscaping recommendations for data centers to better blend in with Virginia’s natural beauty.

Design with Infrastructure in Mind: First things first, data centers have unique needs unlike other commercial and industrial properties. Functionality has to be the priority, and the surrounding landscaping must be able to work with the already existing infrastructure for maximum efficiency.

Must Have: More Than Just a “Pop” of Color

The big feature data centers lack is natural color. These buildings have been designed for cost-efficiency, leaving much to the imagination as far as beauty and creativity. You need more than just an accent flower bed to bring life to your facility. Our personal choices are Agastache Blue Fortune and Solidago ‘Golden Fleece.’ Check out these arrangements from Complete Landscaping

Seasonal Flowers and Commercial Landscape Maintenance at National Harbor
Sonnet snapdragon plant
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Must Have: Noise Pollution Solution

One of the biggest local complaints of data centers is not just its carbon footprint, but noise pollution. According to Data Center Knowledge, these facilities can emit a constant hum from the constant running of hundreds of servers. By planting large trees with lots of thick brush, such as Cotinus Obovatus, data centers can mitigate the disturbance their operations have on the community.

Must Have: Large Shady Trees

As the Virginia summer heat sets in, these modern designed buildings can reflect a tremendous amount of heat, especially considering the lack of natural overhead shade. Planting the right sun-loving, high heat tolerant flora around the building will save you thousands of dollars in plant replacements over the years. We recommend the Kentucky Coffeetree (Gymnocladus Dioicus) which performs well in dry and poor soil locations.

Fringe Tree native to maryland
Rehabilitation healing garden.

Must Have: Well-Graded Irrigation

With the amount of electricity it takes to operate a data center 24 hours a day, you need to take the steps to avoid a nightmare situation: flooding. Investing in properly grading a landscape at a data center is an essential task in risk prevention. Sloped green spaces with French drains are a necessary insurance for your facility.

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