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9 Commercial Landscaping Services That You Should Include in Your Landscape Maintenance Contract

When it comes to maintaining the pristine appearance and health of your commercial property, choosing the right lawn care services is crucial. A well-maintained landscape not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property but also creates a positive impression on clients, employees, and visitors. At Complete Landscaping Service, we understand the unique needs of commercial properties in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Here are nine essential commercial landscaping services that should be included in your landscape maintenance contract to ensure your property remains vibrant and professional year-round.

1. Comprehensive Lawn Mowing and Trimming

Regular lawn mowing and trimming are fundamental to keeping your grass healthy and manicured. Our team uses advanced equipment to ensure an even cut, promoting healthy growth and preventing the spread of diseases. These lawn care services include:

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly Mowing: Adjusted according to the growing season and growth rate.
  • Edging and Trimming: Neatly trimming the edges around walkways, driveways, and landscape beds for a polished look.
  • Clean-Up: Removing grass clippings and debris from all paved or mulched surfaces after each mowing to maintain a tidy appearance.
Lawn Care Services: Commercial Lawn Mowing

2. Fertilization and Weed Control

A tailored fertilization and weed control program is essential for a lush, green lawn. Our experts design custom schedules to address the specific needs of your turf, ensuring it receives the nutrients it needs while keeping weeds at bay. Key components include:

  • Soil Testing: Analyzing soil composition to determine the right type and amount of fertilizer.
  • Seasonal Fertilization: Applying balanced fertilizers during optimal times for growth.
  • Weed Prevention: Using pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides to prevent and control weed growth, ensuring beds and turf areas remain weed-free.

3. Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance Services

An efficient irrigation system is a vital part of your lawn care services and maintaining a healthy lawn, especially during the hot and dry months common in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Our installation and maintenance services encompass:

  • Design and Installation: Creating a customized irrigation system tailored to your landscape’s needs.
  • Routine Inspections and Adjustments: Ensuring the system operates efficiently, with adjustments for seasonal changes.
  • Repairs and Upgrades: Promptly addressing any issues to prevent water wastage and maintain optimal lawn health.
Lawn Care Services: Commercial Irrigation System Sprinklers

4. Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration and overseeding are critical for improving soil health and promoting robust grass growth. These services help alleviate soil compaction, enhance root development, and fill in bare spots. Our comprehensive approach to lawn care includes:

  • Core Aeration: Removing small plugs of soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots.
  • Overseeding: Spreading high-quality grass seed to thicken the lawn and improve its resilience.
  • Post-Aeration Care: Recommendations for watering and maintenance to ensure successful seed germination.

5. Pest and Disease Management Services

Protecting your lawn from pests and diseases is essential to maintain its health and appearance. Our integrated pest management (IPM) strategies involve:

  • Regular Monitoring: Identifying early signs of pest infestations or diseases.
  • Targeted Treatments: Applying eco-friendly pesticides and fungicides as needed.
  • Preventive Measures: Implementing cultural practices to reduce the risk of future issues.
Commercial Landscaping Services: Pest Control

6. Seasonal Clean-Up and Mulching

Seasonal changes bring unique challenges to lawn care. Our seasonal clean-up and mulching services ensure your landscape remains attractive and healthy throughout the year:

  • Spring and Fall Clean-Up: Removing leaves, debris, and dead plant material to prepare the lawn for the upcoming season.
  • Mulching: Applying a fresh layer of mulch to landscape beds to conserve moisture, regulate soil temperature, and reduce weed growth.
  • Winter Preparation: Prepping the lawn and irrigation system for winter to prevent damage and ensure a quick recovery in spring.

7. Landscape Design and Planning Services

A beautifully designed landscape can transform the look of your property and enhance curb appeal. Our professional landscape design and planning services include:

  • Custom Landscape Design: Creating aesthetically pleasing and functional designs that complement your property.
  • Plant Selection and Installation: Choosing and planting trees, shrubs, and flowers that thrive in the local climate and enhance the overall appeal.
  • Seasonal Color: Planting annuals and perennials for vibrant, seasonal displays.
Commercial Landscaping Services: Landscape Planning with Property Map

8. Tree and Shrub Care

Proper care of trees and shrubs is crucial for maintaining a balanced and healthy landscape. Our comprehensive tree and shrub care services involve:

  • Pruning and Trimming: Regularly shaping and trimming to promote healthy growth and maintain safety, including dormant pruning in early spring and periodic maintenance throughout the year.
  • Disease and Pest Management: Monitoring and treating for any signs of disease or pest infestations.
  • Deep Root Fertilization: Providing nutrients directly to the root zone for healthier and more resilient trees and shrubs.

9. Snow and Ice Management

For properties in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia, snow removal and ice management are critical services during the winter months. Our snow and ice management services include:

  • Snow Plowing and Removal: Clearing parking lots, roads, and walkways to ensure safe access.
  • De-icing Services: Applying salt or other de-icing agents to prevent slippery surfaces, as well as sand mixtures for traction when low temperatures have reduced the effectiveness of salt.
  • Winter Weather Monitoring: Proactively monitoring weather forecasts to ensure timely response to snow and ice events.
Commercial Landscaping Services: Snow Plow Truck Plowing Road

A well-maintained commercial landscape reflects positively on your business, creating an inviting environment for everyone who visits. By including these nine essential landscape maintenance services in your landscape contract with Complete Landscaping Service, you can rest assured that your property in DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia will always look its best.

Contact us today to tailor a lawn care plan that meets your specific needs and keeps your landscape thriving all year round. We offer free estimates and top-quality professional lawn care services to ensure your landscape remains in impeccable condition. Our landscape professionals will enhance your curb appeal and lawn maintenance with our commercial landscaping services, ensuring you experience the green peace of mind difference.